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The Victoria Judo Club invites all interested Judoka to participate in the Yves Loran Memorial Judo Tournament. There will be divisions for Junior Boys and Girls, Juvenile Men and Women, Junior Men and Women, and Senior Men and Women in Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Divisions where the number of competitors permits.


This is a Judo B.C. sanctioned event.


Date:                                       Saturday, May 10, 2003


Place:                                     Ecole Victor - Brodeur,

                                                637 Head Street,

                                                Victoria, British Columbia

                                                (see enclosed map and directions)


Weigh-in and Time:            Weigh-ins at tournament site on day of tournament.  For weigh-in times see division list. Shiai Begins at 10:30 a.m.


Entry Fee:                                              $25.00 for each and every division.All entries must be received by Tuesday, May 6, 2003.Late entry fee is $35.00. Competitors who fail to make their selected weight will be charged a $10.00 fee to change to the appropriate division.


Eligibility:                             All competitors must be members in good standing with Judo B.C., their Provincial Judo Organization, or (for non-Canadian competitors) their appropriate National Judo Organization.  Competitors may be required to present their current membership cards at weigh-in.  Out of province competitors will be required to sign a waiver form, which must also be signed by a parent or guardian if the competitor is under the age of 19.


Refereeing:                          A pre-Shiai referee clinic will be held at the tournament site starting at 9:30 a.m. All referees and club coaches are encouraged to attend.  Clubs are requested to send referees with their team.


Elimination:                          Time permitting, we will attempt to ensure that competitors get as many matches as possible.  At minimum, Modified Double Elimination will be used.





Rules:             I.J.F. Rules will apply, except:

(1)     The rest period between matches will be 5 minutes, not 10.

(2)     The use of blue judo-gis (by the first called competitor only) is encouraged, not required.

(3)     Kansetsu waza are not permitted in any Novice Division.  Shime waza and kansetsu waza are not permitted in Junior (under 12 years old) Divisions. Attempts will be penalized.

(4)     Drop seoi-nage is prohibited in Junior and Juvenile Divisions.

(5)     In Junior Divisions the so-called “headlock” throw is strictly prohibited.  If this throw is attempted, matte will be called and the offending competitor warned. A second attempt, or if the other competitor is--in the sole opinion of the referee team on the mat--injured, will result in a direct hansouku-make (for an action which may endanger or injure the opponent).  As it is a prohibited technique, no score will result from the use of the “headlock throw.”

(6)     If a judoka is blind, the IBSA modifications to IJF rules shall apply to all of his/her matches.


Divisions:                    The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify the weight divisions and number of divisions.  In exercising this discretion, the Tournament Director will attempt to accommodate novice (white and yellow belt) and girls divisions.


Inquiries/Additional Information:      

Bryce Bates (Tournament Director)       Bruce Wardhaugh

Phone:  250-385-6900                            Phone:  250-380-9558

e-mail:                          e-mail:


Entries:                       To avoid late fees, entries must be received by Tuesday, May 6, 2003.  You can enter on line at or entries may be e-mailed to Bryce Bates at or faxed to the Victoria Judo Club at 250-384-7612. Please have a club representative submit entry fees at the registration/weigh-in table at the tournament.  Fees should be submitted on a club, not individual, basis.  Cheques should be made out to “Victoria Judo Club.”     


This tournament is dedicated to the memory of Yves Loran, Sandan, from the Victoria Judo Club.  Yves passed away June 5, 2001 after a short illness. Yves started his judo career in his native France at the age of 19 after a car accident left him temporarily paralysed for two years.  He trained under Sensei Norris, a two-time European champion, for over ten years.  Yves received his Shodan in 1980.  He moved to Victoria and joined the Victoria Judo Club in 1981.


 For the next twenty years Yves devoted his time to the juniors of the club, and earned his promotions to Nidan in 1986 and Sandan in 1998.  To him, children were the future of judo.  Yves’ older son, Christopher, is a Sankyu.  His younger son, Elliot-- who has been on the B.C. team for the last two years--is a Nikyu. Yves’ family and club have set up a juniors’ travel fund at the Victoria Judo Club in his memory.





All Divisions will be subdivided into light, medium and heavy, and further subdivided where numbers permit.  When completing the entry form you must provide an accurate weight



weigh in 9:30 - 10:00

Division 1 (L,M,H):  Boys and Girls born 1994 and after

Division 2 (L,M,H):  Boys Born 1993 through 1990

Division 3 (L,M,H):  Girls Born 1993 through 1990


JUNIOR BOYS AND GIRLS  BORN 1990 and after 4th kyu or higher 

weigh-in 9:30 - 10:00

Division 4 (L,M,H):  Boys

Division 5 (L,M,H):  Girls


NOVICE JUVENILE (5th AND 6th kyu)  Born 1987 – 1989

weigh-in 10:00 - 10:30

Division 6 (L,M,H):  Men

Division 7 (L,M,H):  Women


JUVENILE (4th Kyu and above)  Born 1987 – 1989

weigh-in 10:00 - 10:30

Division 8 (L,M,H):  Men

Division 9 (L,M,H):  Women


JUNIOR MEN AND WOMEN  Born 1984 – 1987

weigh-in 10:00 - 10:30

Division 10 (L,M,H):  Men

Division 11 (L,M,H):  Women


NOVICE SENIOR  (5th and 6th kyu)

weigh-in 10:30 - 11:00

Division 12 (L,M,H):  Men

Division 13 (L,M,H):  Women


SENIOR (2nd Kyu to 4th Kyu)

weigh-in 10:30 - 11:00

Division 14 L,M,H):  Men L M H

Division 15 (L,M,H):  Women L M H



weigh-in 10:30 - 11:00

Division 16 (L,M,H):  Men

Division17 (L,M,H):  Women





Take Highway 17  (also known as the “Pat Bay Highway”) southbound (the only direction possible from the ferries) to Victoria.  The Highway becomes Blanchard Street.  Continue on Blanchard until you are almost in town, until you get to Pandora Avenue (that will be a couple of blocks past where the now demolished arena was).  Turn right on Pandora.  Continue across the bridge.  Pandora now becomes Esquimalt Road.  Continue along Esquimalt Road to Head Street (there is a Canadian Tire Store at the Corner of Esquimalt and Head).  Turn right.  The school is about a half a block along the street.




Take Highway 1 into Victoria.  Highway 1 becomes Douglas Street.  Turn right at Pandora Avenue (the City Hall is at the corner of Douglas and Pandora).  Continue across the bridge.  Pandora now becomes Esquimalt Road.  Continue along Esquimalt Road to Head Street (there is a Canadian Tire Store at the Corner of Esquimalt and Head).  Turn right.  The school is about a half a block along the street