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Judo Technical Clinic

with John Huntley, 6-dan

Judo Canada Master Course Conductor  

IJF 'B'-Continental Referee

at the UBC Judo Club

 Saturday, May 31, 2003

9 am to Noon

1:30 pm to 5 pm

 The morning session will cover:

·         Gokyo-no-waza

·         Ne-waza

·         Static and dynamic training drills

·         Changes to competition rules

·         Making the most of your referee: the competitor’s view

 The afternoon session will cover:

·         Nage-no-kata (3 or 5 sets according to interest)

·         Review of grading requirements for Shodan and Nidan

 Cost: $25

Limit: 16 judoka

Registration is on a first-come first-served basis

Open to all members of Judo BC

Location: UBC Judo Club

Student Recreation Centre

6000 Student Union Mall, Vancouver

(West off Wesbrook Blvd, North of UBC Blvd)

 The Student Recreation Centre has a locker rooms and showers. Food outlets are within easy walking distance. There will be an aprés clinic Judo video party at Walter’s house.  

Register with Walter Lanz, at or call 604-224-1820

 Note: The Student Recreation Centre has its own parking lot, however, the parking lot’s half a kilometre south are much cheaper.  UBC bus routes terminate just south of the SRC (#4, 10, 41, 49, 99).

For the club instructor:

 - an opportunity to see and experience new, innovative ideas on warm-up exercises and drills utilizing bean bags, rubber tubing and other related equipment

 - static and dynamic drills for teaching tachi-waza and ne-waza

 - creative methods to utilize teaching ukemi

 - insightful methodology for the learning and practice of Nage-no-kata

 - specific application on the performance of each waza in kata - and their interrelationship

 - demonstration and practice of the gokyo-no-waza and ne-waza

 - review and interpretation of the new shiai rules that came into effect as of January 1, 2003.

 For the competitor:

 - some new routines for warm-ups to develop weak areas - solo and partner  

- some European drills for kansetsu-waza - based on Russian Sambo

 - drills to develop confidence in ne-waza and tachi-waza

 - review and interpretation of the new shiai rules that came into effect January 1, 2003

 - how to ensure the referee knows that you are the winner in a match!

 - demonstration and practice of the gokyo-no-waza and ne-waza

 - going for your promotional grading exam soon? Learn the proper formalities associated with the performance of kata, and the application of correct principles for each waza.

Written material will be handed out covering the subjects presented during the day; bring additional note taking supplies!

 Join us for a day of learning in a positive, supportive atmosphere!  


Walter Lanz, Sensei

UBC Judo Club